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Updated WALDNER App

The Waldner-App has new products and new features! If you would like to have the WALDNER App “Lab Furniture“ on your iPad, you can update it in the App-Store now to experience the enhanced product portfolio of the laboratory furniture manufacturer.

With this App you can wander through the showroom of WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen. Various products are provided with info-points that show further information or documents for the respective product. “We now fit into every jacket pocket. And also our “Dimensions” line is impressively portrayed in the App. The great thing is that you can view the products from every angle,” explains Stefan Holler, Head of Marketing at WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen.

Apart from the wellknown range of WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen products users will also find the Dimensions product line, and the Akkurat balance enclosure in the App. Experience WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen in all dimensions!